Controversial and popular Cool FM Lagos OAP, Daddy Freeze, has today, taken to his social media page to share a shocking video clip and also narrated how his mother single-handedly killed a total of four snakes in her bathroom.

Daddy Freeze referred to his mother as a superhero and said had she been a Nigerian, she would have attributed the presence of the snake to the devil.

In the video, his mother's voice can be heard in the background stating that she killed the snakes herself. They were all black baby snakes and one of them was still wriggling.

Freeze went on to mock the pastor who placed a curse on him by saying he could twist the appearance of the snakes and say that the pastor sent them to his mother because of his Free The Sheeple messages condemning tithe.

This is what he wrote on his page!


My mum is just a #superhero! She killed 4 snakes in her bathtub!
If she were from here, she probably would have whipped out her anointing oil and attributed this to the devil, or perhaps imagine it's something 'spiritual', forgetting that they cleared a whole forest before construction.
This is not to say things of the spiritual don't exist, however if your mind has been conditioned to see the 'spiritual' in every explainable natural phenomenon, you find your self embarking upon an endless quest of chasing shadows! ~FRZ
Let me finetune this message sef and collect tithe.... as a G63 driving pastor sent a curse to me, to speed up the curse he send snakes to my mother. Just as pharaohs magicians turned their rods to snakes... but Aaron, oh God look at your Neighnour and say Aaron over came the enemies of the pharaohs, somebody shout hallelujah!
Exodus 7:12

Each one threw down his staff and it became a snake. But Aaron's staff swallowed up their staffs.

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